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Video games. What did they do for most of us? From games as simple as pong, to games like Zelda breath of the wild. Or consoles, like the N64, all the way to the Nintendo Switch. Gaming, revolutionized home entertainment tenfold! But was it for the better? Well yeah duh! XD. I’m not gonna lie, I am a huge fan of playing video games and I do really like them, I find them to be a fun part of my daily day life, and night life, and other things. But a problem with video games are this. They can be very addicting. Now of all people I know this very well. I once accidentally played Halo for 7 hours straight with my friends, I enjoyed it but, not really much of a good idea.  They can be entertaining and can trap you for hours in their grasp of mindless entertainment.

So I’m here to give you some advice so your mother doesn’t yell at you for playing 9 hours of minecraft. Try and limit your time to do other things, reading, work, hanging out with friends outside, going outside, anything else. I dunno what you people enjoy but I’m sure its totally fine.Gaming is a privilege and should not be abused even though its actually pretty fun. But don’t get locked on a screen all day, do other things, enjoy life, and have fun.

Now if you’ll excuse me I’m gonna go rek some n00bs MLG style.


21 thoughts on “Video Games

  1. Hi Kaan,
    Great post but why is your visitor tracker in the post instead of in your sidebar?

    Go to your dashboard> appearance> widgets drag across a text box and paste in the code for your tracker.

    Some blogs actually have a clustrmaps widget instead.

  2. Wow, I really liked this post because I can relate to it a lot, I pay video games almost everyday and sometimes I spend too much time on them. I think this blog will help some people understand why we shouldn’t be locked in our screens all day long,
    Keep up the good work.

  3. Hi, I like video games also and I like how you said how Video Games are awesome, but there is one thing you could add is pictures because pictures explain if people do not understand what you might have written, and if you want to tell me something here is my blog site hope you visit it.

    • My favorite game…

      That question I cannot answer, this is because not one video game is the same, each are different in there own way. I cannot choose.

  4. Hey Kaan,

    I think that it is totally like you to post something about Video Games. I like how you look at them from differing perspectives and that you incorporate personal experiences (of which I am part of). I never knew you had a vs. video games side. I thought you were only pro-video games so this is cool. Just one question:

    Why did you use only Nintendo consoles as examples in the beginning?
    P.S. It’s cuz Nintendo’s the best.
    P.S.P.S. I rek u n00b on Halo.
    P.S.P.S.P.S. Ignore my earlier comment because I wasn’t logged in, ok?

    • Hey, i’m a fan of video games, what did you expect?

      And this Saturday I’m gonna absoulutly destroy you in Halo, if the enemies don’t first XD

  5. Hi Kaan,
    This post is very interesting, but it might be because I’m not the video game type:) I was wondering why yo liked to play video games so much. I might try something like Mario Kart to start.
    Until next time,
    P.S. Check out my blog @

    • Well the reason I like video games so much is because, I see them as portals to other worlds. Worlds similar and different to ours. You can do things that only you thought were possible to the infinite reaches of your imagination. You could the god of a world or the peasant of one. You could be a respectable warrior or a rouge assassin. You could immerse your self in horror or in a land of happiness. Video games are escapes from real life where you can do and experience new things and the controller of it all is you.

      That’s why I like video games, because I know that when I get home from a long day at school, I have and infinite amount of worlds waiting for me.

  6. Yes, today the peoples especially children but also some adults , addict in games because they are very fun . But play games isn´t healthy because is very time in front of the Computer, PlayStation,.. When he could make sports, run, etc…
    And the food we eat while playing Computer isn´t healthy.

  7. Hi Kaan,
    I completely agree with your post about video game! Video games are awesome, but they can really suck all of your time away. Since picking a favorite video game is impossible, what is your favorite video game genre? Keep up to rek some more n00bs.

  8. Hi, my name is Javelin. I like video games also and I like how you said how video games are awesome, but one thing you could add is pictures because pictures explain if people do not understand what you might have written. Thank you for sharing your blog and come visit mine at

  9. Hello Kaan,
    I found your blog through the challenge “count to three”, and I really like your blog. The light blue color makes it a really relaxing blog. I really like how thoughtful you were in this post, because you like video gaming, but you still noticed they could be adddicting.
    I can recal being yelled at by my mom for playing too much video games in the past, and after reading this post I understand I should thank her for that. Come visit my blog:
    Keep blogging,

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