3 amazing blogs with amazing facts!

So recently anyone participating in this challenge must’ve seen that we had to check out some more blogs for the interest of the challenge. I ended going down the list and I found 3 blogs that I thought were really amazing! I’m gonna say why I choose them, why I liked them, and leave a link to their blogs when I’m done, because, well, I’m nice like that ;D

So the first blog I checked was the blog of a dude named Tyler. I found interest in his post because it talked about a subject I recently posted, which was survival. He had a small list of very important tools to bring in the case of the worst and I took interest in it! Good job dude, hope you survive.

The next blog I checked out was one that was owned by someone who goes by,Karah. I was interested in this persons blog because they had written a very nice poem about the night sky and I thought it was very nice and I did very much enjoy reading it. I chose it because I myself am a an of space and the night sky. So that’s why I enjoyed Karahs post, good job! 😀

And the final post that I read was written by someone named Matt. His blog is about delicious foods and how to make them. The one that caught my eye was one about making perfect pork chops. I mean I can’t lie I’m a lover of food myself, i’m not about to turn down a quality recipe. Good job Matt! Good luck finding more recipes to make!

So yeah, those are the blogs I found and thought were interesting. Props to the creators for doing such a great job! Hope to see you all soon!

Oh and here are their blogs, or at least the links to the ones I posted.

Tyler: http://tylerz12.edublogs.org/2016/11/02/emergency-kit/

Karah: http://karahsblog.weebly.com/its-blog-time/week-5-free-choice-poems

Matt: https://mmcgruder.edublogs.org/2016/11/06/grilled-pork-chops-blog-5/

Cya guys soon, and hope you have a great day! 😀

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