Community’s in and out

So where I live there a plenty of community’s around here to take place and participate in. Ranging from social media, games, groups of people, and in school groups as well. So i’m going to do this in an orderly fashion and go down the little list I just made, lets start.

First of all there a plenty of social media sites here, well, obviously. Plenty of ways to meet new people and stay in contact with friends and family. But also, we have groups of people who gather to announce themselves and contribute to society via social media, why? Because that’s where everyone is, probably browsing memes or something. But the groups that I mentioned are either charity groups or schools or even other types of options. Social media is huge so really, no surprise here.

Now here’s a fun one and one close to heart, the community of gamers. Here, more people are playing games then I can count which a lot of you know how much of a gaming fanatic I am. There’s people playing mobile, PC, console, all over the place! I see people playing games like Minecraft, Pokemon go, anything they can grab off of steam, and pretty much any other multiplayer game or player interactive game out there. I see it school, at home, outside of my home. EVERYWHERE. It brings people together most of the time and overall is just a really fun experience.

Now this one is a very kind one, its groups of people. And I’m talking about people who willingly dedicate there time to help or assist others. I see charity groups, animal rescue, people who donate, everything! Though there are many, there are a few I can name. The first once is called DWG which stands for Dakar Women Group and I know this because, well, my moms in it and she plays an important role in it. What they do is that they host sales to raise money for charity, recently they hosted a Christmas market and raised over 8,000,000 CFA, or about 13,000 dollars, and all that went to charity, I really like the group its a good cause. They’ve been doing this for years and aren’t stopping anytime soon.

The next group I can name is called ARL which stands for Animal Rescue League. What they do is pretty simple, they find poor, abandoned, homeless, stray animals, nurture them back to health, and then put them up for adoption to go to a nice home with loving owners. Its really sweet and helps animals out a lot so good on them! Then there are just those random groups of people who donate food, water, supplies, etc. This stuff happens on and out of school and it really helps out a lot so, this is a good community.

Finally of course there’s the little community’s within schools, i’m going to use mine in this case, obviously. So there a plenty of people hosting after school activities like robotics, science, green team ( Help the earth type of activity ) soccer, basketball volleyball, etc. There a lot around here and its always nice to participate, its a lot of fun! Also the school raises money so, that’s also a huge plus.

So really there aren’t a shortage of community’s where I live and there a most likely plenty more to come. I suppose a pro to being in these community’s is that you can help or just have a good time, enjoy yourself and amuse yourself. A Kaan ( oops ), a con would be, depending on the community your in, well, it could either result in you not liking it or it might take too much work and effort for you to handle. Now personally I’m taking part in only two main community’s and those are the the social media and gaming community, no surprise there I’m all about those. It’s a lot of fun and I’m wondering exactly how far I can take it. Well, I guess it depends how I want it to be for myself and what I make of it. I’m having fun so far so hey, guess I might as well stay.

Anyways that’s enough from you, as usual, quick little question for you.

Whats your favorite community? drop you answer in the comments and I’ll be sure to check it out, until then, I’m gonna go do something legitimately pointless, as usual. cyaaaa! 😛

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  1. G’day Kaan,
    A great written post but where are the images and links to other websites? I would have loved to flip it, but it needs to look more interesting. Get back to me if you add some images etc.

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